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Luvena 6 ct Vaginal Moisturizer

All women can benefit from Luvena and its advanced formula. Carefully balanced with unique moisturizers that refreshes for several days. NO PARABENS and NO GLYCERIN. - FREE SHIPPING

Luvena 12 ct Individual Packs

An anti-itch medicated wipe with natural enzyme protection. 12 individually wrapped wipes per box. - FREE SHIPPING

Luvena 25 ct Pack

An anti-itch medicated wipe with natural enzyme protection. Easy to use resealable 25 ct package. - FREE SHIPPING

Luvena Daily Therapeutic Wash

NEW Luvena Daily Therapeutic Wash gently cleans, refreshes, eliminates odors and supports the skins natural balance with enzymes for optimum skin care. • Silk amino acids, lanolin and vitamin E • Optimum pH for all skin types • Helps maintain freshness longer • Paraben Free • SLS Free - FREE SHIPPING

Luvena Enhanced Moisturizer

Luvena Enhanced Moisturizer is both paraben and glycerin free. Luvenaฎ Enhanced Moisturizer utilizes a premium HydroLYTE moisture system for extended comfort. It gives a "Super" slippery feeling.- FREE SHIPPING

Luvena Restorative Vaginal Rinse

NEW Luvena Restorative Vaginal Rinse Restores Confidence Be Refreshed and Rejuvenated. • Soothes & Moistens • Odor Control • pH Balanced with Lactic Acids • Cleans and Refreshes without Irritation • SLS Free • Paraben Free • Benzoate Free • Vinegar free • No Added Fragrances or Perfumes 2 Easy to use bottles - FREE SHIPPING


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